The Voyager project

Kalpa is now involved in a concert show based on the voyager space program from the late 1970s.

Voyager I and II were launched in 1977 on a mission to study the outer planets of our solar system. Being launched to the outer rim would see them eventually leaving our star system to travel into interstellar space. Given this opportunity a team lead by Carl Sagan designed a golden record to be mounted on both satellites. This golden record would have 1 hour of audio including greetings from 55 spoken languages and selected music from around the world. It also encoded 116 images onto the disc with mathematic instructions on how to be played. Both satellites, are to this day active.

On the 17th of December Kalpa will preform a concert in Leipzig based on the travels and hopes of the Voyager space program. The concert will be streamed live at

We would recommend a projector and a dark room for the full immersive experience.

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